Monday, 28 October 2013

I might sound slightly geezerly, singing the praises of ointment - but seriously, treat your burns with ointment! Three days of what was admittedly probably over-application and I'm down to one blistered finger and peeling knuckles. Back on GTA5 (one in and I'm calling the heist missions a very positive addition to the GTA formula) only now I've got three Civ games going, too. Thanks, painful scalding.

Essential equipment for the drinking cook:
gauze (roll)
gauze (pads)
bandages, including those weird fingertip ones
medical tape
more bandages, because sometimes medical tape doesn't like sticking to gauze
extra tape, because sometimes ointment ruins the glue on the bandage
latex gloves
ice pack (actually frozen, not just sitting on top of the fridge)
eye rinse bottle
tourniquet - or don't own a mandolin
a partner/friend comfortable with dressing wounds and with sound judgement regarding what constitutes a "hospital" situation
one more little drink for the pain

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