Saturday, 16 November 2013

Good morning!

Managed to miss the two most recent episodes of Uncle Grandpa in first run, but with Cartoon Network Canada filling an entire schedule with two days worth of programming, it's generally not hard to catch a repeat. The less said about my local provider's On Demand, the better.

"Locked Out" was seeming especially uninspired - "home security system gone mad" has been done since the '50s and at least as recently as 2005 . It won me back, though, by escalating to a gag other than "now they're all locked out!" when the opportunity presented itself . The ending was sufficiently bizarre, too.
"Treasure Hunt" was "Aargh!", but along with "Tiger Trails" and "Locked Out" at least shows that an episode can break the formula without that being the main joke in and of itself -a consistent problem for recent seasons of Phineas and Ferb. I should reiterate, though, I'm hoping this show doesn't become just slapstick-adventures-of-morons, and while there was some particularly good slapstick - the hot sauce in "Treasure Map" stands out - the most recent two episodes going outside the usual structure only to flagrantly ape Spongebob was disappointing.

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