Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A title consisting of two character names joined by an "and", a short screamy theme song, body fluid jokes abounding...now this gets the old '90s nostalgia going.

I would rhetorically ask why I haven't been watching this, but there's really no rhetorical question there. I haven't watched Sanjay and Craig before now because I can't stand the character designs. The throttled-bowling-pin people that populate Sanjay and Craig are barely distinguishable from designer Jay Howell's work on Bob's Burgers, and there's not much about that style that works for me, there or here.
I was not aware, however, of the preponderance of gross-out jokes or the self-referential 90s Nick-styled gags and characterization (although a whole-episode reference to Double Dare far too gentle to actually be a parody was excessive). Having seen a half-dozen episodes, most notably "Unbarfable" and "Trouble Dare", Sanjay and Craig may be the show that fills the niche I was lamenting Uncle Grandpa's skirting the borders of. More thoughts pending once I address the backlog on my DVR.

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