Thursday, 10 April 2014

Pinball loses a legend

RIP Python Anghelo, pinball has lost one of the true greats. The list of tables he contributed to reads like the greatest hits of mid-80s/early-90s pinball, including Cyclone, Pin*Bot, High Speed, Taxi, Police Force and Fish Tales. It's sad to know the world will never see another Anghelo-Ritchie teamup.
Python Anghelo was a major influence on my development as a gamer - in addition to working on most of my favourite pinball machines, he was also one the minds behind Joust. As much as I could never play it correctly, I realized Joust was something unique among games at the time (and even well after its time), and it remains at the top of my reference pool.
Turn-of-the-80s pinball defined, thanks in very large part to Anghelo's fantastic artwork.
Also, the man was devoted to filling pinball with boobs and swears, as nature intended.

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