Wednesday, 4 December 2013

"Brain Game"

Holding a bodyjacking/Fantastic Voyage plot against a cartoon would be like complaining it's derivative to have images shown in sequence to create the illusion of motion - it just comes with the territory. Even doubling them up's been done plenty of times, but it's always good to see the heroes using the Plankton variation. Uncle Grandpa moves closer to Chaotic Neutral from Chaotic Good every episode, and he started out near the line.

The above joke - my favourite of the episode for what it's worth - left me wondering. Is what we see a cartoon in-universe, with an Uncle Grandpa in "real life" drawing it while interacting with the characters in some kind of a Dog City situation? Does he have a grasp on the multiple strata and fictional nature of his reality, letting him act capriciously because he knows it's all make-believe anyway - similar to some theories about The Joker? Does Uncle Grandpa's yelling up (to Uncle Grandpa) suggest he's some manner of divine avatar - and is what we see at the computer a god? It's wheels within wheels, people. Hell, I'm still trying to puzzle out the time paradox from "Belly Bros" when depressed kid Uncle Grandpa in the past heard from Uncle Grandpa at that moment, interacting with his own memory, that "big bellies are awesome". Which Present Uncle Grandpa already believed, even though he hadn't gone back yet. Which means he couldn't have known...and so on. No fate but what we make except when there is, which is all the time...but it can be changed, maybe, unless it can't.

Thoughts on "Jorts" and "Mystery Noise" later.

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