Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Damn lazy kids don't want to learn anything already. This is why I shall never venture near multiplayer Soul Calibur again.

"Button-mashing is an acceptable substitute for skill" is an awful moral - worse than the 80s' notorious "always go along with the group (unless they're Commies)" and "if you even think about trying the hempajuana the world will explode" - and the Cartoon Network seems determined to enforce it. In "Brain Game", Pizza Steve saves the day by button-mashing at a "game" he knows nothing about, exactly like Rigby in "Just Set Up the Chairs". Now I'm going to have to review all the Beemo episodes of Adventure Time - I don't think they've snuck it in, but there's a lot of show to keep track of there.
Also, have I been on the internet too long, or does Pizza Steve have obvious balls?
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