Thursday, 24 July 2014

Doing some medium rocking out

You know what this blog needs? A theme song. One that would be awesome entrance music if Cardboard Groundhog was somehow a wrestler instead of a collection of butt essays and Ren and Stimpy references. Because this is the kind of thing that merits extended reflection, I've narrowed it down to three, all bouncy enough that I don't come off as emo, but also blatantly 90s (one in origin and two in spirit) so it's still clear I'm old and no longer cool. False advertising is never okay.

Gas Huffer - 'The Piano Movers'

Idlewild - 'A Ghost in the Arcade'

Starlight Mints - 'The Bandit'

I really need to make a mixtape. Er...playlist. They're at least still calling them that, right? Also, it's kind of depressing how few Youtube hits Starlight Mints have compared to some way poorer music.

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